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Collaboration, cooperation and communication during divorce

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There are a number of difficult decisions that need to be made during a divorce, from child support to property division. The most important decision to be made involves the type of divorce process that is most appropriate for you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse.

The traditional choice is the litigation/courtroom system where each party hires their own zealous advocate to represent them. This involves classic positional bargaining. Many people get so entangled in a contentious and combative relationship that it evolves into litigation, appearing in court, and allowing a family law judge to make decisions. Other people choose a more respectful, cooperative and peaceful approach. This is where the consensual approaches of collaborative law and mediation can come in.

If you are committed to ending a marriage in a peaceful way that preserves some sense of dignity, respect and cooperation, a collaborative divorce could be the best solution for you. Rather than battle it out in court and leave critical decisions to be made by judges, you can opt for negotiation and mediation, which happens outside of the public courtroom and in private.

Collaborative law allows couples to work together to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Spouses work with a professional team to find mutually agreeable resolutions to all the issues that come up in any divorce.

The attorneys at our law firm understand how to work with these other professionals, from financial consultants to child therapists and counselors, in order to pursue a peaceful solution. We know that being committed to a collaborative divorce is an important decision and we work with spouses and others to ensure that this goal is reached.

Couples in Sacramento can learn more about the collaborative law process by visiting our webpage on the subject. There is also information on our firm and how we can help you resolve any number of legal issues that can affect you and your family. Couples should investigate the process options before jumping into the litigation system.