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Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov’s divorce gets icy

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By the time a couple has decided to get a divorce, it is very likely that they have done everything they can do to try and repair a marriage. Many people try counseling or trial separations before a divorce in an attempt to identify and fix issues that may be putting strain on the relationship. But when the damage is done and is irreparable, divorce may be the only option two people have.

Unfortunately, when a couple is pursuing divorce, the negative emotions they may have toward each other could be at an all-time high. Feelings of anger, jealousy, betrayal, resentment and frustration can be boiling over and can cloud a person’s judgment. This can make it impossible for a couple to come to a divorce agreement without court intervention.

The courtroom may be an inevitable step in the divorce between Olympic skater Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov. After Weir filed for divorce, both men have been quite vocal in their displeasure with the situation. In fact, their statements have been so personal that they have given us some insight into their bitter situation. Couples across Sacramento may discover that they are experiencing some of the same issues in their own divorce.

For example, there have been accusations of infidelity, hidden assets and abuse hurled from both sides, as well as several malicious messages shared on social networking sites. The couple is also reportedly fighting over who gets to keep the dog that Weir once gave to Voronov as a gift.

As sensational as this example of divorce drama may seem, the fact is that the emotions and reactions that are reported may not be that different from those of a non-famous couple going through an ugly split. Luckily, non-famous couples generally don’t have to see the details of their divorce splashed across headlines, but this does not mean that their situation is any less difficult or traumatic. The toll that divorce can take on people can be devastating, whether they are celebrities or not.

Many couples in the public eye do not want their divorce details to be on the tabloid front pages or spread over the internet. More and more are choosing the divorce process options of divorce mediation or collaborative divorce to limit public access to their personal and financial affairs and to maintain their right to privacy.

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