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Dumped on Valentine’s Day? Talk to a divorce lawyer

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Could it be more than coincidence that Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers?

Valentine’s Day is a time when emotions toward significant others run high — both positive and negative ones. For that reason, while some people spent last Friday giving their partners flowers and chocolate, others decided to serve their spouses with divorce papers.

Here are a few guesses as to why “cupid’s holiday” may be taking some couples to court:

A California divorce lawyer told a local news station that about 10 percent of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day, so some disgruntled spouses might decide to propose a divorce on the same day to return the sentiment.

The expectations are often high on the “holiday of love,” and when they go unmet, it could be the final straw in an already-stressed relationship. In other words, a spouse who feels unloved in a marriage could feel especially unloved if left acknowledged on Valentine’s Day.

Cheaters face a greater chance of being exposed on February 14, a day when they must shower all of their love interests with adoration. This increases the chances of a text being intercepted or flowers being sent to the wrong name.

Whatever the reason, California family law attorneys say divorce filings seem to increase around Valentine’s Day.

If you are one of the many California residents who are currently thinking about divorce or are at the beginning of a divorce, talk to an experienced family law attorney about your options. Today there are several alternatives to the traditional litigation model of divorce, including mediation and collaborative law.

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