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Taking a 'paws': Issues to consider with pet custody

The new year brought a lot of changes for divorcing couples in 2019, especially here in California. Not only were major changes made to the tax code concerning spousal support payments, residents across the state of California welcomed Assembly Bill 2274. This bill finally gave judges in our state clear direction when it came to helping divorcing pet owners answer the all-important question: Who gets the pet after we split?

Unmarried but committed? Tips to protect yourself (part 1)

Increasingly, young couples are deciding not to get married. This is not to say that people are turning away from committed relationships. Rather, it means that many couples live together, raise children together and stay together for years without ever formalizing their union through a marriage.

How to know if your marriage is over

Most people feel unhappy in their marriage at times. Any long-term relationship will hit some rough patches. Maybe your spouse forgot to do the laundry, or he or she overspent on Christmas presents. Perhaps you are having the same argument repeatedly.

A new approach to prenups: Making it emotional

People often shy away from conversations about prenuptial agreements because it feels gauche or unromantic to talk about the possibility of divorce before getting married. In these cases, the recommendation is to try to leave emotions and personal beliefs on marriage out of the prenuptial conversation. Instead, couples should focus on being logical.

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