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How co-parents speak to each other matters

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Every family is different, so every co-parenting relationship will be different as well. However, communication is a key aspect of every co-parenting arrangement.

There are two primary reasons communication is so important, which parents must understand, no matter where they are in their co-parenting journey.

1. Communication helps both parents collaborate better

Speaking with an ex-spouse is not always easy after divorce, even if things ended amicably. It may take time before parents can communicate effectively without emotions getting in the way.

However, when parents focus on developing positive communication, they can:

  • Reduce their own stress;
  • Minimize the risk of conflict;
  • Create cohesive parenting plans; and
  • Ensure they both do what is best for their children.

It may seem like a challenge, but truly taking steps to establish healthy communication strategies can benefit parents in the long run. California parents should keep this in mind even during the divorce proceedings, so they can create an effective parenting plan to help them accomplish this goal.

2. Positive communication between parents is proven to benefit the children

Many studies report that shared parenting and joint custody are more beneficial for children. It allows them to maintain a relationship with both of their parents, even after a divorce. However, when parents badmouth their ex-spouse in front of their kids, or they constantly argue, it can undo all of those benefits.

So, focusing on positive communication not only helps parents build a healthy co-parenting relationship, but it also benefits their children by:

  • Limiting arguments or fights in front of them, which can be stressful;
  • Providing stability and comfort in both homes; and
  • Protecting their emotional health.

Essentially, concentrating on successful communication can benefit the entire family.