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Dealing with visitation schedules during holidays and breaks

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Your split from your spouse has created a ripple effect in your children’s lives. The two of you have attempted to stay level-headed during the divorce, but sometimes issues come up that require help and guidance from your attorney.

One such thing is drafting a parenting plan that addresses the various deviations that may arise. Parenting time may become contentious between former spouses if the parenting schedule does not address some of the most common issues. Try to incorporate these in your discussions when drafting a parenting plan.

Rotating holiday schedule

Holidays can be stressful, even before a divorce. Therefore, having a reliable holiday schedule in your parenting plan may help ease some of the painful emotions that can come up during these times of the year. It is often a good idea to account for all school holidays, including three-day weekends, significant holidays, week-long vacations and breaks. Parents should then decide how to divide these dates and consider switching every other year to keep things fair.

Summer break

Summer is a time of travel, outdoor activities and fun. If you want to travel with your children during this extended school break, make sure you include this in the parenting plan. You may claim two weeks that you can either take all at once (with appropriate notice to the other parent) or one week at a time. Or you may keep your summer rotation the same or mix it up. Whatever the case, spell it out in the plan. 

Other deviations

Birthdays and special parent holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, should also factor into your parenting plan. The children’s birthdays should either be divided between the parents or rotate yearly. Each parent may always want the children on his or her birthday, and parent-specific holidays will most likely go to the appropriate person. Even if these things seem obvious, they should go into the plan to keep things clear.

solid parenting plan with holiday and break deviations accounted for can help keep post-divorce life more amicable between parents.