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January 2016 Archives

Ending your marriage with a business partner? What to know

Spouses often share the dream of opening a business together. The opportunity to be your own boss, share your work life with your spouse, and make your own rules is certainly attractive for many people. While this may be an excellent arrangement when you are happily married, it can create considerable complications in the event of a divorce.

Looking to end a marriage? Divorce may not be your only option

Readers of this blog are likely going through a difficult time in their marriage or know someone else who is. Sadly, this is not unusual. Some statistics estimate that roughly half of the marriages in this country will end in divorce.

Separating sentimental value from monetary value during divorce

For many couples going through divorce, one of the first priorities is determining who gets what in terms of marital property. California is a community property state, meaning each spouse is entitled to half of jointly owned property and assets. Although it sounds straightforward, property division hardly ever comes down to a "50-50" split of marital assets.

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