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Collaborative Practice – Role of the Divorce Coach

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | Collaborative Divorce |

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences a person encounters in life. No one gets married with the contemplation of divorce in the future, but it is an inevitable reality for many. We believe that every person experiencing divorce deserves to have the assistance of a skilled team of professionals who are highly trained to guide them through the process and advise on the complexities of emotions, finances, and custody as to many of the common pitfalls one might encounter. Collaborative divorce provides support for both parties in a way that invites creative solutions and long-term success in moving forward from divorce. One of the most unique aspects of the Collaborative process is the assignment of a Divorce Coach.

In Collaborative divorce, each spouse sees a separate collaboratively trained divorce coach. The coach works with the spouse to ensure that their feelings, concerns, and needs can be expressed in a positive and constructive manner. The coach is properly trained to help you recognize and address the emotions that naturally arise, so they do not get in the way of moving forward to reach agreements regarding finances, property division, and/or custody disputes.

The importance of a divorce coach in Collaborative practice cannot be overstated. The stressful nature of a divorce necessitates having a coach, who is dedicated to providing support in whatever way the specific person needs, whether it is emotional encouragement, assisting with stress management, or teaching effective communication skills to facilitate settlement and agreements between the parties.

In such an emotionally charged environment, discussions between spouses can take a negative turn in an instant. Coaches work with a spouse to identify specific triggers that generate a negative emotional response. Your coach helps you be at your emotional best during this difficult time to facilitate agreements that both parties can feel are fair and encourage ongoing successful co-parenting as well as feelings of .

Each person gets their own coach, who in turn supports that person from the start of the process to the finish. Coaches are present at meetings with attorneys and other Collaborative professionals so they can direct and guide the behavior of the person, while constantly keeping the process focused on a cooperative solution. The skills and perspective of a certified and trained divorce coach can make a profound difference in changing the social narrative around divorce, supporting you in emerging from this experience with the clarity, confidence, and courage to transform after one of life’s most challenging transitions.

Cooperation is what sets Collaborative divorce apart from traditional litigated divorce. You take control of your future. Here at Bartholomew & Wasznicky we have three collaboratively trained attorneys who are here to help. Contact us today for additional information about Collaborate divorce and the services we provide in the Collaborative realm of divorce practice.