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Dignity during divorce: How to stay stoic if you head to trial

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Divorce |

While most divorce can be resolved outside of court, there will be times when even your best efforts aren’t enough to prevent your spouse from dragging you into the courtroom.

It can be hard to maintain respect for your spouse or to feel that you have any dignity left when they keep trying to air out your marital issues in public. Still, it is in your best interests to try to keep a calm head on your shoulders and to approach this situation with as much respect as you can muster.

Your attitude can be a big part of your strategy in court

If you have to go to court to divorce, making your positive attitude obvious to the judge can be helpful in building your case. Being willing to negotiate with your spouse and showing that you were more than willing to work together will do nothing to harm the way you appear. Instead, it can help bolster your case by showing that you’re reasonable and that your spouse is trying to cause trouble.

That’s why being respectful during your divorce is always a good strategy. Not only does it help you maintain your dignity by avoiding saying or doing things you’ll later regret, it also shows that you are someone who can speak your mind without hurting others or lashing out inappropriately.

Depending on what your goals are, it may make sense for you to show this positive side to the court and lean into that reasonable approach as you seek child custody or ask for a modest amount of spousal support. Showing that you are calm and collected can also highlight the way your spouse is acting if they are being unnecessarily aggressive or rude to your in court. This stark difference between you both will help a judge make decisions about custody or support, and the chances are that they will feel more favorable towards you.

Having respect is a good way to make a positive impression on the court. It helps you maintain your dignity, too. Keep this in mind, especially if you’re feeling worn down by your spouse’s actions.