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4 tips for a safe and effective child custody exchange

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Child Custody |

During your divorce, a child custody plan will be created. It’s important to follow this plan to avoid issues.

However, there are some situations when disagreements or violence occur between parents. To protect everyone involved, it’s important to learn how to ensure you have a safe and effective child custody exchange.

Choose a public location for the exchange

When you conduct a child custody exchange in a public area, there is a reduced risk of altercations. Be sure to choose a location where there will be people around, such as your child’s daycare or school or a location close to a police station.

Bring someone with you

Have someone who is no-partisan go along to the custody exchange with you. Having this “buffer” present can reduce the possibility of conflict. You will also have a witness if anything happens. You can ask a school official, co-worker or someone else you know to help with this. You can also use a professional service that offers custody exchange services.

Have someone else handle the exchange

If emotions are still high between you and your child’s other parent, you should consider having a trusted friend or family member handle the exchange for you. However, you may need to have this stipulated in your child custody arrangements, so find out if this is the case.

Arrive on time, every time

When one parent is late, it may trigger an altercation. Always be on time and let the other parent know if something happens and you are unavoidably running late.

It’s important to take steps to keep things peaceful and conflict-free during custody exchanges. If you believe that you need to have your custody agreement updated, it’s a good idea to learn what legal options you have.