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Reasons to put off dating until after divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Divorce |

Dating before you get divorced is not illegal. In fact, many people end up doing this just because the divorce process can take months. They may also feel like their romantic relationship ended months or years before they even officially started the divorce process.

In other words, it’s understandable if you’re looking for a new relationship and thinking about dating. But you may want to put that off until your divorce has been finalized. Here are a few reasons why.

It can cause conflict

Ideally, you want the divorce process to go smoothly and you want to be able to work with your spouse to make joint decisions. If you’re dating someone else, the odds that you’ll be on the same page about these decisions are simply lower than they would be otherwise. You can create a lot of needless conflict and it may even take you far longer to get through the divorce.

It can be difficult for the children

If you have kids, you also have to think about their well-being during this process. It may be hard for them to see you dating someone else, even if they know that you and the other parent are going to get divorced. Additionally, you need to think about your rights to child custody and the way that starting a new relationship may make it appear to the court that your ex is actually the main caretaker for the children.

It can raise financial questions

Dating is not free, but spending money that is in a bank account owned by you and your spouse to go on dates with your new partner, or to buy them gifts and other things of this nature, can create a lot of financial issues. You may need to consider these costs when dividing your property during the divorce, or your ex may claim you are attempting to dissipate the marital assets.

Working through the process

The best divorce is one where both people are working together and there is a low level of conflict as they make decisions that are mutually beneficial for both of them. It’s important to know about all the legal steps you can take and the ways that your actions, even outside of court, can impact your case.