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Are you the right candidates for a mediated divorce?

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If your marriage breaks down beyond repair, the most sensible thing would be to divorce and go your separate ways. However, divorce can take a huge mental, financial and emotional toll on the parties involved. This explains why more and more divorcing couples are opting for divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is designed to help couples reach a consensus on contested issues during the divorce process. During divorce mediation, a neutral third party comes into the picture to help the couple work out aspects of the divorce that may be contested such as child support and custody as well as property division. However, before taking this route, it is important to find out if divorce mediation is right for you.

Here are telltale signs that divorce mediation may work for you:

The decision to divorce is mutual

Not all divorce cases are contentious and acrimonious. Sometimes, both parties may come to a consensus that divorce is the right thing to do. If you and your spouse are on the same page regarding the necessity for divorce, then there is a pretty good chance you will resolve most issues through mediation.

There is no history of abuse and domestic violence

For divorce mediation divorce to work, both parties must be prepared to hold multiple meetings together with the mediator and their legal representative. However, a history of violence and abuse can easily complicate issues. Besides, it will be difficult to establish whether one party is making concessions out of fear or intimidation.

Both parties are honest about marital assets

Divorce mediation requires good faith from both parties to be successful. Both parties must be forthright when addressing matters to do with finances and debts. In fact, declaring marital assets is a requirement when you have formally filed for a divorce. Withholding marital assets can greatly hurt your prospects of successful divorce mediation.

Divorce can be a difficult undertaking. Find out how you can safeguard your rights and interests during divorce mediation.