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What California divorce issues does mediation cover?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Mediation And Collaborative Divorce |

Unfortunately, mediation in California is not well understood. For example, many residents do not realize that divorce mediation can help you address all aspects of a divorce.

While this process does not work in 100% of divorces, it can work well for many couples. In addition to helping ensure an efficient and affordable completion of your divorce, mediation can aid you and your spouse in resolving many complex issues.

Spousal support

The topic of spousal support (alimony) often leads to one or more disagreements between the two spouses. Divorce mediation can give you both a platform from which to express your views about spousal support. The spirit of cooperation inherent in mediation often facilitates a mutually agreeable resolution for most couples.

Matters involving your kids

Child-related issues are among the most contentious elements of many divorces. Through mediation, you and your co-parent can negotiate child custody and support in a relaxed and informal setting. You can even iron out the details of your parenting plan through mediation.

Marital property issues

Property division matters also plague many Sacramento divorces. When couples cannot agree about splitting their marital assets and debts, it can delay and overcomplicate the divorce. Mediation offers a cooperative environment for negotiations involving property division matters.

What if mediation does not work?

If mediation fails, you can take what you learned from your sessions with you as you continue to pursue your divorce. In most cases, however, mediation works the first time.

If you have not decided how to end your marriage, consider learning more about all the divorce options available in California. Such knowledge can guide you in choosing the ideal option for you.