Divorce With Respect

Feeling down in the dumps following your divorce?

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Some people manage to take their divorce pretty much in stride. They recognize that their marital relationship is broken beyond repair, so they make a clean legal break with their ex and search for a new path to fulfillment.

Other people, however, feel like their world has imploded after they part with their spouse. Maybe they second guess things they did, or did not do, during their marriage. The searing “what ifs” abound.  Accepting the brutal new reality of being single again is hard for these people to tolerate. They plunge into the doldrums head-first -with no sign of coming back up again. They may wilt under duress like this.

Being faced with the stunning aftermath of a divorce can be excruciating. Some are better at developing coping mechanisms than others. They are truly resilient. Having a good support system helps, too.

Getting divorced marks the conclusion of one chapter of your life. It’s not a signal that your life is over by any means. But what if you are so mired in the post-divorce blues that you are unable to acknowledge that?

Signs of situational depression, sometimes called adjustment disorder

You may notice these symptoms. Others around you may observe them in you as well.

  • Weariness
  • Being argumentative
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Allowing things you need to do slide
  • Feeling weepy
  • Acting grouchy
  • Not wanting to associate with those close to you

What can you do to feel like yourself again?

If you are thinking of harming yourself or committing suicide, then reach out for professional help right away. There are people who are trained to assist you in these circumstances. You might also want to keep a diary of your ups and downs, eat well, get some exercise and consult someone you trust if you have questions about the legal aspects of your divorce.