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Are you and your spouse good candidates for mediation?

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The benefits of divorce mediation in lieu of litigation are many, but some divorcing couples may not know if that option is open to them.

Are there qualifications for this type of marriage dissolution, and can you make it work for your divorce?

Overview of the process

Any type of mediation is, at its core, intended to resolve conflict. Spouses can use a mediator to facilitate compromise and resolution, saving themselves time, money and stress. Through a series of meetings, each spouse will outline the conditions that they seek, and a mediator will attempt to help you agree on a suitable solution. This can take as little as two meeting sessions to complete.

Characteristics of good candidates

Highly contentious divorce cases are more difficult to solve through mediation, as amicable agreements are usually unlikely. However, even spouses that disagree on many issues can find an agreeable compromise with the help of their mediator. If you and your husband or wife both agree a divorce is necessary and are both motivated to come to a civil resolution, you may find mediation beneficial. The privacy of this process, as well as the control that spouses are able to maintain in decisions, make this a favorable option for many separated couples.

If you find that mediation will not be able to resolve the conflicts and disagreements you are facing in divorce negotiations, the court may be the next step. However, many people find it is worth the effort to attempt to avoid litigation.