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4 benefits of mediation that make it a popular divorce solution

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Mediation And Collaborative Divorce |

Divorce litigation can be a cathartic experience. Spouses have the opportunity to explore the relationship in-depth and possibly receive the vindication of a judge agreeing with their version of events.

However, divorce litigation can also be messy, frustrating and expensive. More couples in recent years have turned to mediation and file uncontested divorces. Of the four benefits listed below are often among the primary reasons people give for choosing mediation.

Mediation is a cost-effective solution

Litigation can be very expensive. Between sharing documents formally with one another and the courts and the need to present the case in court, litigation can drastically increase the overall cost of your divorce. Although mediation is a separate expense, it can minimize how much time you spend in court, and thereby make the entire process less expensive.

Mediation is a confidential process

What you say in court becomes part of the public record. What you say in mediation remains confidential under California state law. You are in a position to discuss marital issues in relative privacy, which can allow for a better and more nuanced settlement.

Mediation gives you all of the control

A judge has to interpret your situation and community property laws to divide your assets. They have to look at information about your family relationships and your work to decide how to split parenting time. If you go through mediation instead, you and your ex get to set all of the crucial terms for your divorce instead of giving all of that authority to a judge.

Mediation keeps your kids uninvolved

Contentious divorces can sometimes mean that children have to testify or speak to the judge. If you go through mediation instead, your children don’t have to play any role whatsoever, taking the pressure off of them.

Considering divorce mediation as an alternative means of ending your marriage could mean a faster and more personalized outcome to the end of your marriage.