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Your divorce doesn’t have to be like your parents’ divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Mediation And Collaborative Divorce |

When your parents got divorced when you were a child, it was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. You might remember a lot of arguing, crying and debating. Your parents could barely stand to be in the same room together. As a child, it was all very stressful.

You may also know that your odds of getting divorced are higher if your parents divorced. You might be worried about putting your own children in the position you were in years ago. Does divorce really have to be like that?

The answer is no. Mediation and Collaborative Divorce can change the experience of divorce for the better.

If you do find yourself considering divorce, you may want to consider mediation or collaborative divorce. These options offer a way for you and your ex to work together, rather than against each other.

In mediation, you will work together with a neutral mediator who meets with both of you to help guide you to legal solutions. The mediator does not make your decisions for you, as a Judge would. This can keep the process far more amicable.

In collaborative divorce, you will work together with a team of professionals outside of court. The team includes two attorneys, two divorce coaches, a neutral financial expert, and a child specialist. You may also include additional resource professionals who can help you with your divorce. The team will help you come to decisions as amicably as possible.

Both collaborative and mediation processes are focused on working together outside of court. You do not feel like you are fighting with your ex. Instead, you and your ex are cooperating to find excellent solutions to problems, to accomplish your goals, and to make sure that you always put the children first in your post-marital life.

This mindset is easier on you, and it can be both faster and cost a lot less than a traditional litigated divorce. Most importantly, though, it means you do not have to repeat what your parents did. You don’t have to leave that lasting impression on your own children. You also don’t have to stay stuck in your marriage to avoid the conflict and trauma of a bitter divorce.