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How to share the news of your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Divorce |

If you have not yet revealed the news of your divorce to your family and friends, you may worry about their reactions. It is already very difficult sharing bad news, let alone the very personal decision to get a divorce.

When navigating this period in your life, planning ahead can help you alleviate some stress when it comes to breaking the news of your divorce.

When should I make the announcement?

Speak to those closest to you before going public with the news. Arrange personal conversations with your immediate family, very close relatives and friends with who you regularly keep in touch.

Coordinate with your childrens’ other guardian to get on the same page about how you will explain your changing family dynamics. Young children benefit from an honest talk with each parent.

How can I break the news?

If you still communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, try to strategize with him or her since you likely have connections with both sides of the family and have a similar group of friends.

The divorce announcement itself does not need to include very personal details or be a scathing expose on your ex. Instead, a simple and respectful announcement will suffice.

Some people might ask questions that you will not feel comfortable answering. In this situation, you can thank the person for their support but make it clear that you do not want to discuss things further.

Also, stay cautious about what you publish online about your divorce. Social media posts have become an important part of evidence in family law cases so do not hurt your case by posting excessive information. Now is not the time to air your grievances or to act impulsively.