Divorce With Respect

Is there a right way to discuss your divorce online?

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These days, social media is undeniably tied in with our everyday life. It is almost impossible for most people to separate the two. Because of that, your knee jerk reaction when you decide to divorce may include posting about it online.

But should you? Experts suggest this is not always the best idea. Even so, if you decide to, you can implement some strategies to keep your posts respectful.


Social Media Explorer discusses ways to announce your divorce on social media. First, always act in collaboration with your partner. This allows you to keep things fair and ensure a less biased recount of events. You can both write the post together and edit it together. If necessary, you can even recruit a mediator to help you draft your social media posts.

Be respectful

Next, keep things professional and respectful. Remember that social media lasts forever. Once you put something on the internet, you can never truly take it back. Even if you delete a post, someone else may have already taken a screenshot of it. The words you say online can easily come back and haunt you in five or ten years. Thus, it is crucial to respect each other and not vent your emotions online.

Minimize the details

Finally, do not overshare. Again, the things you post online stay there forever. You do not want to put details on your social media that could make it harder for you in the future. Not every person on your Facebook page needs to know every gritty detail about your split, so keep the finer knowledge to yourself. By following these three tips, you can avoid a lot of the worst pitfalls of posting about divorce online.