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Is the child support system outdated?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2021 | Child Support, English |

If you pay or receive child support, then the chances are good that you have had some issues with the system. 

According to NPR, the child support system has not changed and evolved properly as society, families and the economy have changed, leaving the system inadequate to address the needs of today’s families. 


The child support system began in 1975 when the average family was a mother, father and a couple of kids. This family unit is much different from today’s families, which brings about some issues when it comes to how the child support system works. Back then, mothers would raise the children and fathers provided financial support, but that is not how things work today. 

Compounding this are the changes in the economy that the system’s design cannot accommodate. It is becoming increasingly difficult if you pay child support to afford your support payments and your regular daily needs. 

Back child support

One of the biggest issues with the system is back child support. Once you fall behind, it becomes almost impossible to catch up and get current again. This often happens when courts issue orders that are not based on actual income but rather potential income in situations where the parent does not have a job. 

The biggest change that could benefit you and others who deal with child support is to fix this part of the system. Removing minimum support limits and focusing on actual ability could help to ensure you or some other parent avoids a large overdue child support bill that will be difficult to pay.