Divorce With Respect

Is an amicable divorce realistic?

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You most likely know someone whose divorce was a nightmare. Perhaps the negativity during the process continues, and the former spouses can no longer attend the same functions for their children without fighting.

Contentious divorces occur for a myriad of reasons. When two people split, it may elicit hurt in one or the other. Sometimes, this pain may develop into bitterness. Other times, a couple may simply fail to agree on how to divide money, property and parenting time. Is a nasty divorce avoidable? Check out some ways to keep your divorce proceeding on a positive path.

Prepare to compromise

The issues you need to settle before a judge grants your divorce may take a toll. Under California law, all marital property is fair game, and you will need to split it. If you have children, you will also need to decide custody and create a parenting plan. Debt will usually divide in a similar manner to assets. All of these issues may become overwhelming if you do not believe in compromise. When either spouse refuses to budge on a stance, frustration may set in. When this happens, fighting is more likely to occur.

Find a support network

Getting help with handling the emotional toll a divorce takes is crucial for keeping negative feelings at bay. You may seek help from a professional counselor, a therapy group or close friends. Having people to rely on for support and advice is an integral part of reducing stress during a divorce. A counselor allows you to speak freely without fear of the grapevine. Likewise, a close friend may provide more comfort and moral support.

Starting over after a divorce is difficult in many ways. However, ending your marriage on a more positive note may allow both parties to move forward quicker.