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What is a collaborative divorce, and who does it benefit?

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Divorce in California can be a long and complicated process. Collaborative divorce can make the process easier by taking the decisions out of the courts and putting them back into your hands. A collaborative divorce is when spouses work together with a team of professionals outside of court to come to a full agreement. The team consists of two attorneys, two divorce coaches, one financial neutral, and occasionally a child specialist. By avoiding a drawn-out court battle, the collaborative process can be less expensive, faster, and much more amicable.

What does the collaborative divorce process look like?

To start a collaborative divorce, both parties will hire attorneys and divorce coaches who are experienced in the collaborative process. These attorneys can then assist their clients in building the remainder of the professional team. The professional team, including the attorneys, coaches, financial specialist, and child specialist all agree that if the parties wish to leave the collaborative process and turn to the courts for resolution that the team will withdraw.

In order to work towards resolution, the team and the parties meet together in a series of meetings to discuss the issues and resolve them as amicably as possible. Negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement in collaborative benefits the clients in a myriad of ways. By agreeing up front that the court is not an option, parties are more likely to work together to find common ground. Second, by using collaborative, parties can avoid large fees from waiting around in court. Most importantly, collaborative divorce is focused on restructuring families as opposed to breaking them apart. The goal is for the parties to move forward with the best relationship possible.

How can an individual find assistance with a collaborative divorce?

The process begins with assembling your professional team. In order to connect with a collaborative professional in your area you might choose to attend a divorce options workshop or meet with an attorney who practices collaborative divorce. Collaborative attorneys can then help connect you with divorce coaches in your area. Once you and your spouse have selected your attorneys and coaches you can select neutral professionals together. The collaborative professionals in your area have a wealth of additional information about collaborative divorce, and are more than happy to discuss the process further.