Divorce With Respect

How to determine if it’s time to end a marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Divorce, English |

In California, a person can get a divorce for almost any reason. However, individuals who are thinking about ending their marriages are encouraged to ask themselves a variety of questions before doing so. For instance, they should consider whether they are doing anything that may be contributing to the current state of the relationship. In some cases, the person who wants to end his or her marriage may be the one who is not providing enough emotional support to his or her spouse.

Ideally, couples will grow together throughout the course of their marriages. If one person stops evolving as they get older, it may be harder for a marriage to remain intact. However, individuals should not try to change who their spouses are or what they believe in. Instead, they should seek to respect who their partners are and try to come to reasonable compromises whenever possible.

It is important for a person to consider how their life may change if their spouse were no longer in the picture. For some, they may truly feel that getting a divorce is the only way to continue growing as a person. However, those who do not feel that they would be better off without their partners may need to continue thinking of ways to achieve higher levels of personal satisfaction.

An attorney may help a person going through a divorce to negotiate a favorable settlement. In a settlement, an individual may be entitled to take possession of a family home or obtain a portion of a spouse’s retirement account. Individuals may also be allowed to seek alimony payments or other forms of financial assistance after a marriage comes to an end. Divorce cases may be resolved through a formal trial, by working with a mediator, or by agreement of the parties.