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Tips: How to manage the stress of a divorce

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Even if spouses decide to end their marriage, they both still face considerable uncertainty – and even grief. After all, getting a divorce can change both spouses’ lives and everything they have grown accustomed to over the years.

All of this change can make this an incredibly stressful time for individuals. So, here are some tips to help individuals handle that stress.

1. Get informed

Thinking about divorce might be the root of one’s stress. However, understanding the details about divorce in California and planning for it can help individuals reduce the uncertainty they face and feel less stressed.

It might be helpful for spouse’s seeking a divorce to:

  • Research the legal requirements to get a divorce;
  • Understand the options available to dissolve a marriage; and
  • Learn the rules for dividing their property.

It is often beneficial to speak with an experienced divorce attorney, who can explain one’s rights and provide this critical information when pursuing a divorce.

2. Do not ignore the emotional process of a divorce

Even if spouses pursue an amicable, collaborative divorce, they often still experience a range of complex emotions. From anger to anxiety or grief, negative emotions can be tough to deal with. It is often easier to push them aside and not address them, but this can put an individual’s mental health at risk.

Individuals should address these emotions – perhaps even within a support group or with a mental health professional. This allows individuals to work through their emotions in a healthy way, instead of letting them build up and influence their stress levels.

3. Reach out to others

Ending a marriage can feel like an isolating experience. It might be difficult for individuals to reach out to friends they share with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. They might not even wish to talk to their family out of fear that they will not understand the situation. Feeling isolated like this only increases stress.

It might be challenging, but reaching out to friends and family can help individuals:

  • Reduce their stress;
  • Feel a sense of normalcy; and
  • Make time for fun in this stressful time.

Reaching out to loved ones also helps individuals build a support system they can rely on as they navigate their divorce, as well as the next chapter of their life.