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These 5 steps can help with post-divorce financial recovery

We've all heard it said that people often struggle financially for months or even years after divorce. For some, this is because it can be hard to find work or simply manage paying bills on a single income. It's this fear of financial ruin that can make even the most unhappy of spouses hesitate to ask for a divorce.

Divorce doesn't always have to end this way, however. There are plenty of proactive steps spouses can take right now to ensure post-divorce financial recovery. In this post, we'll look at just five of the many steps that spouses can take before filing for divorce:

Options for resolving parenting time disputes on Halloween

If you wonder why Halloween is likely a child's favorite day of the year (with Christmas being a close second), consider this: dressing up as someone (or something) else leads to people giving you candy. What kid would not want to take part in that?

Depending on your relationship with your ex, Halloween can be complicated for you and the children involved. Most parents want to have the experience of taking their kids out Trick-or-Treating, but it may be logistically (or emotionally) challenging given their feelings about each other.

2 major family law issues Millennials may have to contend with

It seems like nowadays, the millennial generation gets blamed for just about everything. Too many adult children living at home with their parents? Blame it on Millennials. The large unemployment rate? Blame it on Millennials. The slump in the economy? Blame it on Millennials.

While most Millennials are annoyed by this blame game, there are three possible issues -- specifically related to family law -- that actually could arise because of the millennial culture. 

How stepdads can help build relationships with kids

For a man, winning the heart of a woman requires a certain sense of style, chivalry and charm. To win the hearts of her children, it arguably takes an entirely different set of skills, including kindness, resourcefulness and patience.

Blended families are becoming more common as parents find love after divorce and opt to join their respective families. While it may seem simple, joining families is not so easy, especially for stepdads. They may be caught in a netherworld between being an authority figure and just their parent's love interest. When this happens, men can feel out of place or run the risk of upsetting the previous family dynamic.

Three ways to stave off financial problems during divorce

Emotions can run high when a divorce petition is filed, especially when one party feels betrayed or disrespected. But angry divorcees may lose sight of the fact that they can avoid the bickering, bitterness, and most of all, the astronomical costs that come with breaking up a marriage.

Those who realize this and come to amicable agreements stand to benefit the most, but this sentiment is not developed in a vacuum. Several common steps are taken before this happens.

What happens to restricted stock units in a divorce?

The major problem all start-up businesses face is really a catch-22: Start-ups need hardworking, skilled employees who will help build the company and make it successful. Those employees, in turn, expect to be paid for their work. Unfortunately, cash is almost always low in the beginning phases of a start-up, which forces founders to come up with alternative ways of compensating these early employees.

To do this, a lot of tech start-ups and other companies are embracing employee equity -- a system that provides the promise of stock options to an employee who meets certain criteria over time. Employee equity, such as stock options and restricted stock units, can become incredibly valuable assets, depending on the market and how well the company thrives.

Studies on divorce; predictors highlighted

When couples get married, there inevitably are people who don't believe the marriage will last. It could be due to the power dynamics in the relationship, whether the parties are children of divorce, or whether there are significant income disparities (i.e. the gold-digger presumption).

Despite people's premonitions, there were a number of studies that highlight some important predictors of divorce. Some were well-known, others were not. Nevertheless, they provide some important insight into what may lead to a couple's split. This post will highlight them.

What custody evaluators may look for

If you are embroiled in a custody dispute with your soon-to-be ex-spouse or your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, it could arguably be the most emotionally stressful experience of your life. Simply put, custody disputes are not fun, and the stress that parents (and kids) experience is why there are many options to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and early neutral evaluations.

However, not every dispute is appropriate for mediation, and a custody evaluator may be appointed by the court. Many parents may not understand what a custody evaluator does or who this person is, so this post will highlight a few things that they do.

Tips for planning your post divorce financial life

Divorce may be an emotionally painful time in one's life, but for most people, emotional scars can be healed if their finances are in order. Indeed, money doesn't cure everything, but it can help you choose the problems you can live without. So if you want to begin your post divorce life on good financial footing, the following tips can help.

Why should I choose mediation for my divorce?

Many separating couples assume that they will be battling in court for the duration of their divorce. While many divorces involve litigation, this is not the only option. There are methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allow couples to divorce outside of the courtroom. Mediation is a very common ADR method that might be right for you. Most family law experts agree that the court system does not generally meet the needs of a couple

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