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Out-of-state case illustrates unique child support issue

Most people already know that when it comes to common legal issues, every state has a law in place to help resolve matters. Take for example child support guidelines. Every state has its own set of rules that determine who should pay, how much and for how long. Few people, however, know just how different laws can differ between states.

To see the vast differences in laws regarding similar legal issues, we need only look to a recent case out of Texas where a 45-year-old man was ordered to pay $65,000 in child support arrears despite the fact that genetic testing has proven he is not the child's father. This case not only highlights the difference between California and Texas child support laws, it also illustrates the importance of establishing paternity early in a child's life.

How to help kids through a stressful time of year

iStock-happy child and mom.jpg

Let's face it, divorce is not an easy transition regardless of whether it comes out of the blue or you saw it coming a mile away. Indeed, there are some who can separate their emotions and can treat it as a business transaction, but countless others may have a tough time with the changes involved. As such, the stress of the split can affect other areas of their lives.

The children of divorcing and separated couples are no different. Their concerns may be varied, but they center around how they can divide their loyalties between parents. They may also be worried about whether their friends will judge them because of the split and wonder if they will ever have a normal family life again. To make matters worse, they may also be stressed out about the beginning of a new school year.

Why planning for Christmas now is important

Thumbnail image for iStock-santa summer.jpg

It might be out of context for people to plan for the holiday season in July or August. After all, at the height of the summer, people are more likely to shop for barbeques and lawn furniture than holiday wreaths and Christmas trees. But online retailer Amazon may be on to something with its Prime Day sale.

So is it really important to plan for the holidays during the summer?

When is a father considered a father in the eyes of the law?

Becoming a parent can be both a terrifying and incredibly exciting moment for a lot of fathers. Though you may be saying goodbye to a lot of your free time --not to mention being able to sleep in on the weekends -- you may be like so many who can't help but marvel at your newfound responsibilities. You may even be eager to start.

Unfortunately for fathers who are not married to their child's mother, getting the opportunity to see your child on a regular basis might be a challenge. In situations like this, it can be disheartening to learn you don't have the same rights as other fathers who are married. In the end, this could leave you wondering about your parental rights and how to establish them.

Want to fast track your divorce? Avoid these 4 pitfalls

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We have all read news stories about divorces that drag on for months or even years. This can lead people to expect that a long, drawn out process stands between them and a new chapter in life. However, it does not have to be this way.

If you are considering divorce or are in the process of filing for divorce, you should know that you can take steps to expedite the split. Alternatively, you can do things (intentionally or not) that create delays and prolong the California divorce process. If you are hoping for a swift divorce, then you would be wise to avoid the following four missteps.

Can child support be modified if my ex stops working?


In a recent post, we highlighted the value divorced and separated parents can realize by planning in advance for the holiday season. With the upcoming school year beginning shortly, after school child care costs may be of concern, especially if one of the parents (particularly the non-custodial parent) experiences a job loss.

Etiquette for prenuptial agreement conversations


It is not uncommon for a couple to become newly engaged during the Independence Day holiday. If you're skeptical, think of it this way: a guy presents a fabulous ring, the gal is shocked and overjoyed; she says yes, and fireworks go off to exemplify the bliss of love.

While the energy of such an occasion can keep newly engaged couples on cloud nine for months, they will eventually will have many questions about what their "happily ever after" will look like after the pomp and circumstance of a wedding.

3 reasons to consider a collaborative divorce

A "collaborative divorce" sounds like an oxymoron. You are ending a marriage, how can it be collaborative? Isn't your spouse now the enemy? The answer: they don't have to be.

You were a team throughout your marriage, so consider working as a team through the divorce process. Collaborative divorce can be less adversarial, and set you up for a positive relationship post-divorce. How can collaborative divorce benefit both of you emotionally and financially?

Can I get a court order to pay for school costs

iStock-596772164 back to school.jpg

There are certain times of the year where the coming events tell you what month it is. For instance, a fireworks show typically signals Independence Day. Holiday displays signal a day in December, and the State Fair ending means that August is upon us.

August also means that a new school year is almost underway. While this may be more than a couple of weeks away, it is never too early to think about the upcoming school year if you are a recently divorced or separated parent. After all, there will be new routines to get used to, new after school activities, as well as a need for new clothes and supplies.

More courts recognizing 'modern' families

iStock-modern family.jpg

There's an old adage that says it takes a village to raise a child. It is based on an African proverb reminding parents that everyone who comes into a child's life, whether it is a grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a teacher can add something of value to enhance the child's well-being. With that said, it appears that some family court judges are carrying this notion over to child custody and parenting time orders.

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