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Posts tagged "property division"

Dealing with and dividing debt during divorce

When people think about splitting up everything during a divorce, they often immediately go to certain obvious things: a home, money, retirement savings and custody of a child. These are the assets that people most often want to protect and fight for.

Is a life insurance policy community property in California?

One of the most contentious aspects of any divorce can be the division of property, especially when a couple is wealthy or has complex assets that must be separated. Not only can it be difficult to come to terms with splitting finances and properties, but even determining whether something is considered community or separate property can present a challenge.

The Captain and Tennille to divorce after 38 years

As any person who has been married could tell you, making a marriage work can be very difficult. And in some cases, it can be impossible. Spouses may try to get through their problems with counseling or a short separation; but many couples in California find that their relationship is beyond repair and they decide to file for divorce.

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