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Is a summary dissolution right for your situation?

As we've discussed in detail on our blog, not every divorce must result in prolonged and wholly contentious legal proceedings. Indeed, many spouses are more than willing to consider alternatives to divorce such as mediation or even collaborative law.

How preparing for a divorce can actually grant you peace of mind

Going through a breakup often evokes emotions of sadness, anger, and maybe even guilt. However, when a married couple goes through a breakup and pursues divorce, the legal process can add additional stress on the parties, causing them to feel frustrated, anxious, and confused.

Should you handle your divorce like a child?

Divorce is a complicated, stressful and emotional event. There are enormously complex issues that need to be resolved, from dividing up marital assets to establishing a parenting plan, and it can be enough to push any adult beyond his or her comfort zone.

Will I get to keep my house in my divorce?

One of the biggest adjustments that two people make after a divorce is moving out and living alone after sharing a home during their marriage. Even if a couple was living separately prior to the divorce or couldn't stand to be in the same room as each other, formally moving out of the family home or selling it can be more overwhelming than many people anticipate.

Fighting over Fido? What to know about pet custody in California

Many pet owners, if not most, consider their furry friend one-of-the-family. The pet industry is booming as we spend more money and time on our pets than ever before. It is not uncommon for pet owners to treat their pets like their children; feeding them nutritious food, assuring they get proper exercise, and spending exorbitant amounts of money in medical bills when necessary. Considering the love and devotion provided to pets, it comes as a surprise to most animal lovers that pets are categorized as mere property during a divorce in California.

Could keeping money separate keep a couple together?

Getting married can result in a number of immediate changes: You might take a different name or you may move into a new home with your spouse. Many couples also choose to immediately combine finances and take the phrase "What's mine is yours," quite literally.

Is divorce on your list of New Year's resolutions?

Many people spend the holidays with family, reminiscing about the past and keeping a strong hold on traditions. But the New Year is about looking ahead; we make resolutions we hope to keep in the next year and many of us aim to be happier. For some Californians, ending an unsatisfying marriage is one way to find that happiness.

Divorces can be drawn out when financial stakes are high

High-asset divorces can sometimes be problematic. In many cases, there are several details to establish and there can be several parties involved, from business valuation professionals to financial planners. Add to all that the legal and emotional complications of the divorce itself and there may be no avoiding some of the difficulties that can arise.

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