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Three ways to stave off financial problems during divorce

Emotions can run high when a divorce petition is filed, especially when one party feels betrayed or disrespected. But angry divorcees may lose sight of the fact that they can avoid the bickering, bitterness, and most of all, the astronomical costs that come with breaking up a marriage.

What happens to restricted stock units in a divorce?

The major problem all start-up businesses face is really a catch-22: Start-ups need hardworking, skilled employees who will help build the company and make it successful. Those employees, in turn, expect to be paid for their work. Unfortunately, cash is almost always low in the beginning phases of a start-up, which forces founders to come up with alternative ways of compensating these early employees.

Tips for planning your post divorce financial life

Divorce may be an emotionally painful time in one's life, but for most people, emotional scars can be healed if their finances are in order. Indeed, money doesn't cure everything, but it can help you choose the problems you can live without. So if you want to begin your post divorce life on good financial footing, the following tips can help.

Could a postnup serve as a reset button for your marriage?

Most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, or "prenups," but what about "postnups?" The postnuptial agreement, which is drawn up after a couple marries rather than before, is gaining popularity, largely because it may strengthen the marital bond and give a boost to what the couple once thought of as wedded bliss.

Negotiating a prenup? Be prepared

Making the decision to sign a prenup is not something you should take lightly. It is an important means of protection that you will need to consider carefully before signing any legal document, as it can dictate property division and asset allocation years down the road.

Overlooking details in your divorce has costly consequences

If you are heading into a divorce, you could be feeling like you are trying to figure out a million little details. You could be keeping track of who is picking the kids up from school and trying to remember what bank account you should be using to pay bills; you might be looking for a new house and seeking approval for a loan, and you will have to balance all this with existing stressors like work and health issues.

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