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The surprises that can come with a gray divorce

In a prior post, we highlighted the importance of preparing for one's post divorce financial life. Living without two incomes may be unfamiliar for some divorcees, with many needing to make major concessions to make ends meet on one salary. Even with child support, many divorcees may need an adjustment period in order to get used to this new reality.

Common tax questions during divorce

With the federal income tax filing deadline passing this week, those who have procrastinated are probably stressing out over the prospect of not having the money to pay their tax bill (if they owe money). For those who anticipate a refund, you can take solace in knowing that your money isn't going anywhere.

The best ways to make your kids hate you during divorce

In our practice we find many stories of children being upset, defiant and ultimately unhappy. The stories are truly heartbreaking, and the common theme surrounding their despair is that parents (yes, both parents) are equally responsible for their troubles. For the most part, children of divorce are very resilient, and in time they become successful and productive adults. However, the scars inflicted through divorce are very real and in some cases, the resentment still remains.

Could you be saddled with joint debts after divorce?

It almost goes without saying that you must protect your financial interests in a divorce. This can be accomplished by securing spousal or child support, or by ensuring that your marital property is divided equally.  However, while working to reach a financial settlement, divorcing parties must make certain that jointly held debts do not affect them in the future.

The effect of bitcoin on future divorces

In our last post, we highlighted the increasing popularity and value of bitcoins, a form of cryptocurrency being used by millions of consumers and merchants across the world. While bitcoin is not currently poised to overtake the U.S. dollar, British pound or euro anytime soon, it is widely accepted across online retailers. Bitcoin can be used to reserve rooms on Airbnb and Expedia, purchase furniture on Overstock, and buy video games on Ebay.

What all divorcing parties should know about bitcoin

Despite how angry they may be with the other spouse, and the lack of trust between soon-to-be ex-spouses, settling a marital property dispute ultimately works best for both parties. Unlike protracted litigation, there is no loser in a mediated settlement. A compromise saves time, money and emotional heartache.

What to expect when starting over

Our readers appreciate the technical knowledge we disseminate in our posts, but many appreciate knowing how their lives will change after a divorce is finalized. Indeed, people can describe what post-divorce life will be like, but in many cases a divorcee will simply have to experience it for themselves.

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