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4 cathartic things to do after divorce

Once a divorce is final, people often experience a range of emotions, from relief and freedom to grief and loneliness. One thing people might do to cope with these feelings is to engage in some therapeutic or cleansing actions to help mark the start of a new chapter.

No Privacy for Divorce in CA

Throughout the divorce process, parties often disclose sensitive information related to financial matters, marital misconduct and sometimes even criminal allegations.

Factors that will affect spousal support in California

Life after divorce can be difficult to imagine. Some people are hopeful at the idea of a new chapter, others are scared at the thought of starting over. But regardless of what you think post-divorce life might look like, you should feel confident that you have the resources to move forward. This means getting a fair settlement, which may include spousal support.

Divorce challenges at every age

Ending a marriage is difficult no matter how old you are or how long you have been married. That said, people can face different challenges depending on where they are in life when they divorce.

Can details about a wedding predict divorce?

Couples often spend months planning out the details of their wedding. It is not unusual for a couple to schedule their wedding a year in advance. And when all is said and done, couples typically hope their wedding is a reflection of their relationship and a joyful way to start the next chapter of their lives together. 

How to shield yourself from an ex's tax issues

It's no secret that financial problems can lead to marital discord; and eventually to divorce. It is also common that when money is tight, people will do desperate things to make ends meet. One of the efforts of desperation involves fudging numbers on one's tax return in an effort to avoid paying taxes (and to secure a refund).

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