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Posts tagged "child support"

What happens if I don't pay child support?

Parents will typically do whatever they can to provide for their children and they want to make sure kids are safe and have the things they need. Many parents take their responsibility to support and care for their kids very seriously. However, many parents are limited in these abilities by their income.

Man opts for vasectomy to reduce jail sentence

Family legal issues can be very difficult to understand, especially when traditions and legal precedence clash with modern and changing family dynamics. Increasingly, we are seeing offbeat or inventive solutions offered as new ways of handling older problems; sometimes they are effective and sometimes they fail to adequately address the situation.

Why parents should take unpaid child support seriously

We often read about couples who go through bitter courtroom battles just to establish a plan for child support payments only to spend every month after hunting down these payments and making sure they are paid in full and on time. It can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process.

Young parents struggle to collect child support

Many Californians are familiar with the popular TV show "16 and Pregnant" on MTV. The show depicts young teens facing the very adult challenges of parenting and documents some of the struggles that parents of any age often face; one of which is collecting child support.

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