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When is a father considered a father in the eyes of the law?

Becoming a parent can be both a terrifying and incredibly exciting moment for a lot of fathers. Though you may be saying goodbye to a lot of your free time --not to mention being able to sleep in on the weekends -- you may be like so many who can't help but marvel at your newfound responsibilities. You may even be eager to start.

Don't go into parenting plan discussions without a plan

Making plans for the future is something many of us do every day, whether that involves scheduling meetings, booking a vacation, planning parties or making budgets. Having a clear plan in place is a good way to be prepared and avoid any messy complications that can arise.

When one parent moves away, stay focused on a child's well-being

While the reasons might vary, it is quite common for people in our society to move frequently. A person might move across town in order to live in a better school district or move to another part of the country to pursue a better career opportunity. No matter the motive, if the moving party shares custody of a minor child with another parent, it can get complicated. Such cases are referred to as "move-aways" and it is crucial that all parties involved understand how a potential move-away can impact a shared parenting plan.

Child custody 101: know the basics

We discuss several complicated situations involving child custody and visitation on this blog, from international custody disputes to violations of parental rights. There is no doubt that every child custody case has the potential to be complex and problematic.

Chemical dependency can impact child custody

Millions of people in the United States struggle or have struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol; many of them are parents. Addiction is undoubtedly a serious issue that many families across California deal with on a regular basis and it can play an especially powerful role when it comes to child custody disputes.

What to know about grandparents' rights in California

In a prior article we posted on our website, we discussed a case involving a grandmother seeking visitation of her grandchildren. In that article, which can be read by clicking here, we note that cases involving grandparents and custody or visitation often become extremely complicated, legally and emotionally.

California woman charged with interfering with child custody

When two parents are unmarried or have gotten divorced, one of the biggest challenges they face going forward is figuring out an effective and fair custody arrangement for their children. In many cases, each parent wants to have as much time as possible with their children, which can make it very difficult to find a fair and agreement solution.

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