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¿No casado/a pero comprometido/a? Consejos para protegerse (parte 1)

Cada vez más parejas jóvenes están decidiendo no entrar a un matrimonio. Esto no quiere decir que las personas no quieren entrar a relaciones comprometidas. Más bien, significa que muchas parejas viven juntas, crían a hijos juntos y permanezcan juntos por años sin formalizar su unión a través de un matrimonio.

Unmarried but committed? Tips to protect yourself (part 1)

Increasingly, young couples are deciding not to get married. This is not to say that people are turning away from committed relationships. Rather, it means that many couples live together, raise children together and stay together for years without ever formalizing their union through a marriage.

Out-of-state case illustrates unique child support issue

Most people already know that when it comes to common legal issues, every state has a law in place to help resolve matters. Take for example child support guidelines. Every state has its own set of rules that determine who should pay, how much and for how long. Few people, however, know just how different laws can differ between states.

When is a father considered a father in the eyes of the law?

Becoming a parent can be both a terrifying and incredibly exciting moment for a lot of fathers. Though you may be saying goodbye to a lot of your free time --not to mention being able to sleep in on the weekends -- you may be like so many who can't help but marvel at your newfound responsibilities. You may even be eager to start.

Unmarried with children? What you may need to consider

Having a child before getting married used to be something that was generally stigmatized and even hidden. In previous generations, if this happened, a couple would often quickly plan a wedding and get married. While that does still happen, many parents choose not to get married just because they have a child together.

How paternity testing affects child support in California

Every case involving the rights of parents in California has the potential to be challenging and upsetting. At stake can be the relationship between a parent and child, parental obligations, as well as the right to make legal decisions for that child. Consequently, it is not unusual for parents and potential parents to be aggressive in protecting their rights.

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