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Dishonest divorcees: The consequences of lying about your assets

In California, couples going through divorce proceedings are required - by law - to truthfully disclose all assets and liabilities. This disclosure is done on the initial Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Form FL-100 or the initial response, Form FL-120. These financial affidavits, once completed, are then filed with the court and are considered official court documents. Parties are also required to serve on one another a Declaration of Disclosure which is signed under penalty of perjury and should list all assets, debts, income, and expenses. Sounds straightforward, right?

Three ways to stave off financial problems during divorce

Emotions can run high when a divorce petition is filed, especially when one party feels betrayed or disrespected. But angry divorcees may lose sight of the fact that they can avoid the bickering, bitterness, and most of all, the astronomical costs that come with breaking up a marriage.

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