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¿Resolución de un divorcio pacífico este año? 4 formas de hacer esto

El comienzo de un año nuevo da la oportunidad de hacer cambios positivos y hacer el nuevo año mejor que el año anterior. Y aunque muchas personas despiden resoluciones del año nuevo, las resoluciones pueden hacer una diferencia poderosa en su futura felicidad si usted sigue a través con ellas.

3 collaborative divorce myths debunked

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you can become emotionally overwhelmed. You have the children to think about. Life as you know it will change. The two of you will disassemble everything you have, and make new plans to move forward. How you decide to divorce could make all the difference. Collaborative divorce is often quicker, less stressful, and creates more positive relationships in the future than traditional divorce.

What are the benefits of going through collaborative divorce?

When it comes to divorce, most people would rather end things amicably then drag out the process in front of a judge. With collaborative divorce, this is possible and, in most cases, significantly less expensive than traditional divorce proceedings.

5 things to know about collaborative divorce in California

Not all divorces need to be long, drawn-out litigious experiences, with both parties fighting it out in court over assets and time with the children. Rather, more and more spouses are turning to collaborative divorce as a way to come to agreements on everything from property division to child custody.

Why a divorce doesn't need to be a 'horror story'

A California resident recently wrote in to a local newspaper's advice column saying that he or she had heard "horror stories" about going through divorce in the state. The writer asked whether it was true that divorces in California are long, expensive and heart-wrenching by nature.

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