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Posts tagged "Family Law"

A new approach to prenups: Making it emotional

People often shy away from conversations about prenuptial agreements because it feels gauche or unromantic to talk about the possibility of divorce before getting married. In these cases, the recommendation is to try to leave emotions and personal beliefs on marriage out of the prenuptial conversation. Instead, couples should focus on being logical.

California passes law affecting pet parents who divorce

In previous posts, we have discussed the challenges that pet owners face when they divorce and must decide what happens to the pet. These challenges stem from the law that currently sees pets as property, which means the courts have treated animals less like members of the family and more like a piece of furniture.

Proving parentage in California

Many millennial and young parents are choosing not to marry the other parent of their child. There are some who do not find value in the concept of marriage; others might prefer cohabitation to marriage. Some parents grew up with parents who divorced and they don't want to put their children in that position.

What to know about family court appeals

Contested divorces can be especially difficult, not only because they are emotionally draining, they can be very expensive. This combination is often why so many contested divorces settle before trial. But for those who endure the entire process to a final decision, the losing party most likely will be dissatisfied and will want a higher court to review the trial court's decision.

Married millenials not likely to have joint bank accounts

There are a number of superlatives that can describe last weekend's royal wedding: romantic, picturesque, regal and symbolic. The last is appropriate given the many deviations from tradition. For instance, the bride's future father-in-law walked her down the aisle instead of her own father. An American bishop gave a sermon in a very "American" way. Also, a gospel choir sung a classic R&B song.

How to deal with a difficult ex when co-parenting

In our last post, we highlighted how important it can be for divorcing parties to carefully consider how joint credit card or loan debts will be resolved, and how third-party creditors may not be bound by a court's divorce decree. Indeed, debt may be the impetus of a couple's feelings towards each other, but control (or at least the sense of it) may keep them at odds.

5 things you can do to better your chances in court

Going to court can be an intimidating event, especially if you have never been there before. Standing in front of a judge who has the power to make decisions that will affect your life? That alone can be frightening. Add the formality of the process and lack of familiarity with the law to the situation, and it is no surprise that most people don't want to go to court.

Millennials have their own way of doing things

The generation gap may be widening between Millennials and the rest of the world. They already have their own sense of importance in the workplace (and take on working), they hold strong to their own mode of communication (text messaging) and have developed their own rules regarding sexual norms.

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