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Posts tagged "Mediation And Collaborative Divorce"

Collaborative divorce: Truly a respectful event

Parties who wish to avoid the animosity, expense and divisiveness of a courtroom divorce can choose instead to divorce through more cooperative efforts. In California and other states, one option for doing this is to commit to a collaborative divorce.

¿Qué sucede durante las sesiones de mediación de divorcio?

Un acuerdo o decisión de mediar su divorcio es un paso hacia un proceso más pacífico y amistoso. Sin embargo, es importante entender lo que implica el proceso antes de tomar cualquier decisión acerca de si es adecuado para usted.

What happens during divorce mediation sessions?

Agreeing or deciding to mediate your divorce is a step toward a more peaceful and amicable process. However, it is important to understand what the process entails before you make any decisions about whether it is right for you.

¿Resolución de un divorcio pacífico este año? 4 formas de hacer esto

El comienzo de un año nuevo da la oportunidad de hacer cambios positivos y hacer el nuevo año mejor que el año anterior. Y aunque muchas personas despiden resoluciones del año nuevo, las resoluciones pueden hacer una diferencia poderosa en su futura felicidad si usted sigue a través con ellas.

Resolving to divorce peacefully this year? 4 ways to do this

The beginning of a new year gives people the opportunity to make positive changes and make the new year a better one than the last year. And whether many people dismiss resolutions like this, they can make a powerful difference in your future happiness if you follow through with them.

Tips for negotiating when it comes to dividing property

In California, the law requires parties to divide marital property equally in the event of a divorce. While dividing everything in half may seem easy enough, the process can be quite complicated and contentious.

2 options for resolving divorce-related matters outside of court

When people think about divorce, they often imagine that the process takes place in a courtroom and in front of a judge who will make rulings on divorce-related matters like child custody and spousal support. However, in reality, people typically resolve these issues outside of court through mediation or collaborative divorce.

3 ways to prepare for mediation

If you are getting divorced in California, you will go through the mediation process, whether you choose to or the courts order you to. Mediation can be a faster, more peaceful way to resolve divorce-related matters than litigation, and it can allow parties to maintain more control over the outcome.

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