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Can details about a wedding predict divorce?

Couples often spend months planning out the details of their wedding. It is not unusual for a couple to schedule their wedding a year in advance. And when all is said and done, couples typically hope their wedding is a reflection of their relationship and a joyful way to start the next chapter of their lives together. 

How to shield yourself from an ex's tax issues

It's no secret that financial problems can lead to marital discord; and eventually to divorce. It is also common that when money is tight, people will do desperate things to make ends meet. One of the efforts of desperation involves fudging numbers on one's tax return in an effort to avoid paying taxes (and to secure a refund).

How long you spend driving to work could affect your marriage.

You’ve had the same job for the last decade. You’ve received slight promotions over the years, but there’s been no real opportunity for growth. However, you’ve just been offered a new position at a company 30 miles away. The pay is higher than at your current job, but the commute is significantly worse. You’re torn about what to do.

How to save money when getting divorced

If you are contemplating a divorce and are unsure of it because of the potential costs, you are likely not alone. With all the money that goes into planning and having a wedding, no one ever thinks about the costs of getting out of a marriage. Nevertheless, the costs are there.

Does couples therapy mean a divorce is imminent?

It is unknown where this urban myth started or when it began, but many believe that couples therapy is the proverbial "kiss of death" to a marriage. Essentially, once people go to couples therapy, their marriage is already over. Because of this, a number of spouses (particularly men) may not want to attend couples therapy.

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