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April 2019 Archives

Can we still be a family after divorce?

Too often, people expect a divorce to completely sever whatever ties that exist between two people. However, this does not always happen -- especially when two people have a child. While some people begrudgingly accept the fact that they continue to be linked through their child, others want to ensure that they remain a family.

Mujer recupera la pensión alimenticia después de 50 años.

Hay maneras que las leyes del estado de California y Federal hagan cumplir los pagos de manutención del niño. Hay penas severas para los padres que no se adhieren a estas órdenes judiciales, incluyendo los embargos de salarios o el congelar las cuentas bancarias de los padres delincuentes.

Woman obtains back child support payments after 50 years

There are ways for California State and Federal family laws to enforce child support payments. There are strict penalties for parents who do not adhere to court orders, including wage garnishments or even freezing the delinquent parent's bank accounts.

What is palimony?

After a divorce, some spouses qualify to receive alimony payments from their ex-spouse. These payments are designed to maintain financial stability after the end of a marriage.

How to help your child finish the school year

There is no easy time of year to divorce. However, there are times that present different challenges. For instance, if you are currently going through a divorce, you may want to be cognizant of how it could affect your children as they approach the last part of the school year.

How divorce can affect children in school

In our last post, we discussed a few tips for divorcing parents and how they can help their children finish the school year strongly. The unfortunate reality is that many students suffer some academic setbacks in these situations; understanding that and adjusting behaviors during a divorce can allow parents to make the transition easier on their children.

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