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December 2018 Archives

Setting boundaries can be crucial to effective custody arrangements

After a divorce, many parents will share custody of their children. This means that for better or worse, they will continue to be in each other's lives as they raise their children together. While this can be a difficult adjustment to make, there are ways to make it a little easier.

Tips for negotiating when it comes to dividing property

In California, the law requires parties to divide marital property equally in the event of a divorce. While dividing everything in half may seem easy enough, the process can be quite complicated and contentious.

¿Debo iniciar la demanda de divorcio ahora o esperar hasta después de las vacaciones navideñas?

Iniciar la demanda de divorcio ha estado en su mente por bastante tiempo. Después de muchas semanas de contemplación, se siente seguro de que su matrimonio llego a su fin. Estás listo para dar los pasos para separarse o divorciarse -- pero usted no está seguro de cuándo hacerlo.

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