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April 2018 Archives

Announcing your divorce online? Here’s a few tips to follow

Ending your marriage is not an easy decision. You may struggle with the decision for weeks, months or even years before you decide to file for divorce. It may take even more time to get used to the decision. That’s only your decision. Now, you must tell the other people in your life. 

How the collaborative process can help divorcing parties

Who wants to fight about a divorce when both parties are intent on leaving the marriage? This is a question that many people encounter when faced with dissolving a marriage. Indeed, each divorcee may want to leave with their fair share of the marital estate, but more often than not, there are debts to be taken care of; and when the number of debts exceeds the parties' assets, disputes can arise.

The surprises that can come with a gray divorce

In a prior post, we highlighted the importance of preparing for one's post divorce financial life. Living without two incomes may be unfamiliar for some divorcees, with many needing to make major concessions to make ends meet on one salary. Even with child support, many divorcees may need an adjustment period in order to get used to this new reality.

Common tax questions during divorce

With the federal income tax filing deadline passing this week, those who have procrastinated are probably stressing out over the prospect of not having the money to pay their tax bill (if they owe money). For those who anticipate a refund, you can take solace in knowing that your money isn't going anywhere.

The best ways to make your kids hate you during divorce

In our practice we find many stories of children being upset, defiant and ultimately unhappy. The stories are truly heartbreaking, and the common theme surrounding their despair is that parents (yes, both parents) are equally responsible for their troubles. For the most part, children of divorce are very resilient, and in time they become successful and productive adults. However, the scars inflicted through divorce are very real and in some cases, the resentment still remains.

Fact or Fiction? A 10-year marriage guarantees alimony (spousal support in California) for life

Marital happiness lasts for approximately seven years before the average spouse begins to get restless and stray from their vows of faithfulness - or so says the theory of "The 7-Year Itch." It probably isn't a good idea to put significant stock in a theory popularized by a movie starring Marilyn Monroe, but the concept is not complete fiction.

Could you be saddled with joint debts after divorce?

It almost goes without saying that you must protect your financial interests in a divorce. This can be accomplished by securing spousal or child support, or by ensuring that your marital property is divided equally.  However, while working to reach a financial settlement, divorcing parties must make certain that jointly held debts do not affect them in the future.

How to deal with a difficult ex when co-parenting

In our last post, we highlighted how important it can be for divorcing parties to carefully consider how joint credit card or loan debts will be resolved, and how third-party creditors may not be bound by a court's divorce decree. Indeed, debt may be the impetus of a couple's feelings towards each other, but control (or at least the sense of it) may keep them at odds.

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