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December 2017 Archives

3 easy steps to stay connected when you travel for work

In the fast-paced, global world we live in today, many jobs require that you travel to another city, state or even country. Sales consultants, pilots, recruiters, archaeologists, geologists, travel writers, reporters, auditors, photographers... the list is endless.

Is it easy to leave a troubled marriage?

Getting out of a troubled marriage should be easy. After all, your feelings are pretty straight forward. You are not in love with the person anymore, and you want to continue your life without them. You should not have to endure months of unnecessary litigation to get to this place. In fact, you probably wonder why some celebrities are still in the process of divorce after being separated for so long.

When can mothers be ordered to pay child support?

Let's face it, child support payments are largely paid by men. Fathers who are not primary custodial parents and commonly have a higher income than mothers who need the support payments to defray the costs of raising a child. However, this does not mean that all fathers will be ordered to pay support in the midst of a divorce or in a custody action between unmarried parents.

What is spousal fiduciary duty and how does it impact a divorce?

In California, marriage is more than just a legal union of two people. Marriage creates an equal partnership that, according to California public policy, obliges spouses to owe each other the same good faith and fair dealings they would give someone else in another fiduciary relationship. In laymen's terms, you have a spousal fiduciary duty to better the community property (marital property) as does your spouse to you.

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