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November 2017 Archives

Whether or not to divorce during the holidays

To divorce, or not to divorce. During the holiday season, this is a question that some people in troubled marriages may be contemplating as the calendar creeps closer to Christmas. Indeed, many want to enjoy the holiday season, but when a person is suffering through the holidays with tremendous unhappiness in their hearts, who is to blame them for splitting up during what is supposed to be "most wonderful time of the year."

Why is she threatening to keep the kids away during Christmas?

If you didn't get a chance to spend time with your kids during Thanksgiving, you may be pretty upset about it. You may also wonder if the Christmas holidays will be any different. More importantly, you may wonder why your ex is being so evil and why she feels as if she can intimidate you by conditioning your time with the kids.

Millennials have their own way of doing things

The generation gap may be widening between Millennials and the rest of the world. They already have their own sense of importance in the workplace (and take on working), they hold strong to their own mode of communication (text messaging) and have developed their own rules regarding sexual norms.

Marital waste: When spending is more than just a shopping spree

If your marriage is ending and you're splitting on bad terms, you may be worried that your ex will become spiteful or resentful and act on these actions. This isn't uncommon in bitter contested divorce; but what is a problem, is if that resentment results in anger-driven decisions to hurt you, specifically in a financial way.

Anti-vax movement sparks debate over child's best interests

Here's a complicated one for you: Is choosing not to vaccinate your child in their best interests? And no, we're not talking about parenting decisions like whether to let a child have ice cream after 8:00 p.m. We're talking about the court's definition of "child's best interests," which is a powerful phrase in family law, especially when it comes to child custody decisions.

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