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January 2017 Archives

Is it better to divide assets in mediation or divorce?

No matter what your income level may be, you likely care a great deal about how your assets - as well as your debts - will be divided when it comes time to dissolve your marriage. This is understandable. After all, no one wants to see a divorce settlement that does not provide a fair split of community property and debts.

What is your vision of your child custody arrangement?

What is your vision of your child custody arrangement?Kids are part of many people's family dreams. Saying "I do" often is a first step toward the growing of a family. When a marriage doesn't work out for one or both spouses, the sadness of that reality is commonly most linked to the children that the union produced.Family law attorneys understand the sincere emotion behind the common, important phrase parents say: "We just want the kids to be okay." Divorce is a major change for the children involved, but family courts in California prioritize the protection of kids' best interests in all cases.

California 'Flippers' will work to try to 'flip' their marriage

Every now and then, a reality TV family comes along that captures the hearts of a large audience. For the millions of HGTV lovers, a favorite couple to watch and love has been Tarek and Christina Moussa. The duo has been buying and flipping California houses for audiences to watch. Viewers have also seen the pair had two children during the course of the show.

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