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November 2016 Archives

Lower divorce rates, but not for every demographic

Recent statistics seem to indicate that the number of people ending their marriages is lower, but that is not the case for every demographic. While the overall divorce rate is lower, there are certain demographics that continue to see an increasing divorce rate. As California readers know, there are various economic and cultural factors that influence the marriage and divorce rate. 

Does fault have a formal place in California divorce?

Fault. From an early age, fault is something we either try to identify or something we try to hide from. In many areas of law, such as criminal law and in negligence cases, proving fault is a critical issue. If there is no finding of fault, then there can be no conviction, no award for damages.

Planning for divorce can save financially

While some California residents appear to effortlessly glide through life, others find it necessary to plan for each stage of life. These individuals plan where they will attend college and what career path they will follow. They plan their wedding to the last detail, and if they are interested in protecting their financial assets, they also plan their divorce if and when it becomes necessary.

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