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April 2015 Archives

How paternity testing affects child support in California

Every case involving the rights of parents in California has the potential to be challenging and upsetting. At stake can be the relationship between a parent and child, parental obligations, as well as the right to make legal decisions for that child. Consequently, it is not unusual for parents and potential parents to be aggressive in protecting their rights.

Don't forget about your retirement plan during divorce

In a marriage both parties work hard to save for retirement. Unfortunately, your retirement may be at risk during the divorce. Divorcing couples need to be aware of the impact divorce will have on their retirement accounts so they can take steps to keep their retirement plans on track.

Making the decision to divorce

Married couples may vow to love each other in "sickness and in health" but what about during other stressful times? Regardless of which marriage vows you recited at your wedding, the reality is that many life events forever alter a marriage. In some cases this alteration is manageable and two people can adjust and move forward together, maybe even grow closer. In other situations, however, it ultimately drives two people apart.

Sending powerful messages through Facebook

In previous posts on this blog, we have discussed the many ways that social media affects our lives and our relationships. Looking at marriages in particular, we have seen increasing numbers of divorce and child custody cases involving accusations supported by evidence found on Facebook.

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