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December 2014 Archives

Why a cookie-cutter divorce may not be right for you

There are more opportunities than ever when it comes to finding faster, more efficient solutions. In a time of Google, smartphones, and even park-assist on cars, it can be easy to assume that faster and automated solutions are better.

If you like it put a (non-expensive) ring on it

We have all heard the various calculations that supposedly help people determine how much to spend on an engagement ring. We are told a ring should cost about as much as a person would earn in three months; or we are led to believe that unless it is a big, flawless diamond, it is inadequate.

3 reasons why your prenuptial agreement may not be valid

Prenuptial agreements can be an important tool that serves to protect individual spouses before they get married. We have discussed the value of having a prenuptial agreement in previous posts on this blog and know that they have saved many couples a lot of time and money in the event of a divorce.

Divorces can be drawn out when financial stakes are high

High-asset divorces can sometimes be problematic. In many cases, there are several details to establish and there can be several parties involved, from business valuation professionals to financial planners. Add to all that the legal and emotional complications of the divorce itself and there may be no avoiding some of the difficulties that can arise.

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