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Co-Parenting pt. 1

When a relationship involving children ends (by divorce, separation, whether with or without marriage), co-parenting becomes an issue.

Is it better to divide assets in mediation or divorce?

No matter what your income level may be, you likely care a great deal about how your assets - as well as your debts - will be divided when it comes time to dissolve your marriage. This is understandable. After all, no one wants to see a divorce settlement that does not provide a fair split of community property and debts.

Reasons your spousal support payments could come to an end

reason-spousal.jpgSecuring spousal support after a divorce can be significant for financially disadvantaged spouses across California. This money should help spouses rebuild their lives, transition out of marriage and help to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed while married, all of which can be crucial for certain spouses after divorce.

There is a high price to pay for hiding assets

When two people are at the point where they want to end their marriage it is usually because there is not a lot of love left between them. The love lost can make just about every interaction painful, stressful and frustrating. To make matters worse separating spouses may not trust each other and the added suspicion makes everything that much more combative.

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