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When the digital world creates divorce dilemmas

iStock-598912704 social media.jpgYou likely grew up with at least one popular court drama on TV. It might have been L.A. Law, The Good Wife, or you may have seen Law & Order in one of its various installments. These staples of entertainment TV likely helped form your idea about the courts. But have you ever seen these court dramas examine evidence from Facebook?

If divorce starts the year, there's some adjusting to do, pt. 2

iStock-angry young couple.jpgIn a past post we covered how the beginning of the year marks an increased rate of divorce filings in California and throughout the U.S. Whether ringing in the New Year meant deciding to end your marriage or whether you make that decision during any other time of year, there are some important steps to take soon after filing the divorce papers.

If divorce starts the year, there's some adjusting to do, pt. 1

The year of 2017 has ushered in a new administration into the United States government. That alone will bring some need to transition and adjust to big change. But on a more personal level for married couples in California and throughout the country, many are also dealing with the significant life change of divorce.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock-bridegroom.jpg

California 'Flippers' will work to try to 'flip' their marriage

Every now and then, a reality TV family comes along that captures the hearts of a large audience. For the millions of HGTV lovers, a favorite couple to watch and love has been Tarek and Christina Moussa. The duo has been buying and flipping California houses for audiences to watch. Viewers have also seen the pair had two children during the course of the show.

Lower divorce rates, but not for every demographic

Recent statistics seem to indicate that the number of people ending their marriages is lower, but that is not the case for every demographic. While the overall divorce rate is lower, there are certain demographics that continue to see an increasing divorce rate. As California readers know, there are various economic and cultural factors that influence the marriage and divorce rate. 

Does fault have a formal place in California divorce?

Fault. From an early age, fault is something we either try to identify or something we try to hide from. In many areas of law, such as criminal law and in negligence cases, proving fault is a critical issue. If there is no finding of fault, then there can be no conviction, no award for damages.

Planning for divorce can save financially

While some California residents appear to effortlessly glide through life, others find it necessary to plan for each stage of life. These individuals plan where they will attend college and what career path they will follow. They plan their wedding to the last detail, and if they are interested in protecting their financial assets, they also plan their divorce if and when it becomes necessary.

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