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Child Support Archives

Co-Parenting pt. 1

When a relationship involving children ends (by divorce, separation, whether with or without marriage), co-parenting becomes an issue.

My ex isn't paying child support: What can I do?

Parents who receive child support depend on that money to help support and provide for their children. The children also depend on this support, as it creates a tangible link between them and a non-custodial parent and shows that the parent is contributing to their lives.

Temporary child support, custody arrangements

We often discuss the challenges that come with formal support orders after a divorce in this blog. We have examined options for modifying arrangements, enforcing parenting plans and figuring out resolutions to the many complications that can arise throughout the course of these agreements.

More struggles for Charlie Sheen: requesting support modification

Stories about celebrities are no longer confined to grocery store tabloids. Every time we browse the internet or open up Facebook, we can be inundated with stories about stars who, it is often noted, are just like us. For better or worse, this can be particularly evident when it comes to the difficult situations involving family and legal troubles.

Preparing for a Child Support Modification

Over time, people and situations can change dramatically. Think of where you were in your life a few years ago. Now think about five years ago and 15 years ago. Chances are you are in a very different place today than you were at any of those points. Divorce, marriage, health problems, job changes and moves are just a few things that California families regularly go through.

What can I do if my ex isn't paying child support?

Raising your child with an ex with whom you may no longer get along can be an extraordinary challenge. It is all but inevitable that there will hiccups when parents try to figure out how to raise a child separately but together, from dealing with scheduling conflicts to figuring out how to manage different discipline styles.

Remember: 'Delinquent' doesn't mean 'deadbeat'

Fathers who do not have equal custody of their children can struggle enormously in regards to being a strong and powerful presence in the lives of their children - often leading to strained relationships. In some cases, there may be no relationship at all. The situation can be even more upsetting if a father is also not keeping up with child support payments.

August is Child Support Awareness Month

There are more than a million children in California who are supported by the financial contributions of non-custodial parents. In fact, there are 8,000 of these children in Yolo County alone. The importance of these payments cannot be overstated, especially considering the sheer number of families in this state that depend on them.

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